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E-Procurement Services

About E-Procurement

Under the twin pressure of globalization and liberalization Indian Industry has been on a relentless drive for cost reduction. Supply-Chain Management has been globally recognized as one of the areas, which can contribute effectively to cost reduction. MSTC has been offering E-Marketing services to various PSUs, Govt. Departments and other industries and this has proved to be a success, reaching a sales figure of Rs.2800 Crore in 2005-06, i.e. in about four years time from the date of launching the service. Encouraged by the success of our E-Marketing service, we have now launched our E-Procurement service with state of art infrastructure and systems.

E-procurement applies user friendly e-commerce technology to simplify and streamline the purchase process and to integrate buyer and suppliers business processes. It is an efficient process which eliminates paper work and human intervention and also aims to eliminate any possibility of irregularities. This also enables total transparency in the system.

The direct benefit includes reduction of price of purchase, improved contract compliance, reduced administrative cost, visibility of customer demand, reduction of inventory cost and procurement cycle time. It is needless to mention the intangible benefits viz. analysis of supplier data, performance, market situation and others, besides the intangible but significant benefit by way of increased confidence of the vendors due to the transparency of the operations accrue to the Buyers.

Presently, MSTC is offering 4 models for e-procurement to fulfill the various requirements of different buyers:

Some of the unique features of the portal:

All the suppliers need to be registered online with the portal. They are also to submit few documents for authentication. Eligible vendors can participate in the programmes online from anywhere. Pre-bid EMD by vendors optional. For details of the registration procedure vendors/buyers may please visit the homepage of our website www.mstcecommerce.com or email to droy@mstcindia.co.in or eprocurement@mstcindia.co.in

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