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E-commerce Division

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 Requirement:    (i) One PC (Computer) with Internet connection

                              (ii) Email address

                             (iii) Registration with http://www.mstcecommerce.com/ as buyer


Registration Process

1.      Log on to our website http://www.mstcecommerce.com/ .

2.      Click on the link 'e-Auction”, on clicking the e-Auction link from the dropdown select the option 'All General Auctions (Scrap & others)’  and then on the link provided: ‘Register’.

3.      GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS OF e-AUCTION will appear on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where two options will be there:   (a)    Register as Buyer and (b) Register as Seller.

4.      Select and click on “Register as Buyer” option.

5.      BUYER SPECIFIC TERMS & CONDITIONS will appear next on the screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where again two options will be available: ‘Agree’ and ‘Disagree’.

6.      Select and click on ‘Agree’ button.

7.      Buyer's Registration Form will appear on the screen. Fill up the desired information. You will have to select and click on ‘Scrap & others’ in the Buyer Type field.

8.      All field’s marked with * are mandatory and must be filled in.

9.      Select your User ID and Password and keep a note of the same.

10.  After filling up the form click on the ‘Submit’ button.

11.  The next page is not relevant to you. Please do not fill anything and click on ‘Preview’ button. All the information typed in the form will be displayed to you for verification. If the information is correctly entered, then click on ‘Submit’ button. On successful registration,  the system will send you an email and also inform you instantly to submit ‘Registration Fee’ and the relevant documents.


Documents & registration fee to be submitted for registration.

Registration fee:

In order to participate in our on-line E-auctions, you are requested to pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of Rs, 11236/- ( Rs 10,000 + service tax @ 12.36 % of 10,000 ) in form of DD/PO in favour of MSTC LIMITED payable at respective Region / Branch at any office of MSTC LIMITED within 30 days otherwise your details will be deleted from our database.


Alongwith the payment as above you are also advised to furnish the following documents mandatorily to make your account operative :.

(1) Income Tax PAN Card (Original & Photocopy - the Original will be returend after veriffication). In case of a registered Company or Firm, the Firm's PAN card and in case of a proprietership firm , proprieter's personal PAN card is required.

(2) Photocopy of Latest Income Tax Return.

(3) Photocopies of Sales Tax Registration Certificates ( State & Central).

(4) Signature of the Proprietor / Partner verified by Bank ( If Proprietorship / Partnership Firm) on Bank's Letter-head. If such verification is done on Customer's Letter-head, then the full Address of the Branch of the Bank must be mentioned.

(5) Two Passport size Colour Photographs of the Proprietor / Partner / Director ( for issue of Photo ID card by MSTC) - The Proprietor / Partner / Director ( or a person authorised by the Director in case of Public / Private limited Company) of the Customer's Firm will be required to put his specimen signature on the ID Card. In case of Proprietorship / Partnetship Firm, the Proprietor / Partner will be required to personally visit MSTC's Office for signing & submitting the Photo ID card. In case of Public / Private Limited Company, this may be done by requesting MSTC to send the Card by post for his signature and return to MSTC. It will be the Customer's responsibility to ensure that he obtains the duly authorised Photo ID Card from MSTC before he starts bidding in any eAuction.

(6) Notarised Photocopies of Valid Registration Cetificates from Central and State Pollution Control Boards for Hazardous Waste items (If applicable) - It may be noted that on receipt of the said Certificates, MSTC will record the Validity Period of the Customer's CPCB certificate in the buyer registration Form on the website and only thereafter the registered customers will be allowed access into the Live-eAuction floor for bidding for Hazardous Waste items subject to their CPCB certificate being valid on the starting date of e-Auction. However this will be governed by the special Terms & Conditions of the particular e-Auction and it will always be the Customer's responsibility to ensure that both his SPCB & CPCB certificates are kept valid or duly revalidated within the prescribed time for the purpose of participating in the e-Auction in accordance with the stipulated special Terms & Conditions if the particular eAuction.

(7) Copy of email confirmation Letter received from MSTC after successful completion of on-line registration and containing buyer registration details of the Customer - This should be duly counter-signed by the Customer and returend to MSTC alongwith his offline documents for verification.

(8) Copy of partnership deed to be submitted for partnership firms.

Originals of the above documents may please be produced for verification at the time of making the payment towards registration fee.

  The above documents and the registration fee can be submitted bu the buyer at any of the offices of MSTC.  On submission of documents your account will be activated and you will be issued a ‘Photo Identity Card’.

Ø     Information regarding e-Auction of Immovable property under SARFAESI Act. 2002 : All the registered coal buyers will be intimated about all the auctions through email. The information will also be available on our websites: http://www.mstcecommerce.com/ and http://www.mstcindia.com/



How to know about material offered?

Log on to http://www.mstcecommerce.com click on the link "e-Auction" and select the link All General Auction ( Scrap & Others) and type your user id and password. You will be taken to your ‘Home Page’.  Click on the  buttom " View Detail" in the select category you may choose the option "Immovable Property/ Land Parcel/ Stray Piece of Plot", from the drop down select seller you may choose "All Seller" link and Click on  “View Forthcoming e-Auctions”. A list of all the e-Auctions related to property sale will appear on your screen. Select and click the one you want to see. The catalogue with all the details and terms and condition will appear. You can take a print of the same and keep for your further needs and record. The information will also be available on http://www.mstcindia.co.in.

 IMP NOTEà  Use Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or above only for Bidding.


How to purchase property through e-Auction?

1.     1.      Only those customers registered with http://www.mstcecommerce.com/ as a buyer of 'Scrap & Others' type shall be eligible to participate in e-Auction.

2.      The e-Auction shall be open for a period of TWO hours only.

3.      The rate of EMD will be mentioned in the e-auction catalogue itself.

a)     EMD along with Bid Form may be deposited to the Bank as per detail provided in the e-auction Terms and Conditions,.

b)     Bid Form can be obtained from the bank branch office provided in the auction catalogue.

c)     Buyers are requested to mention their buyer number at the back side of the DD/PO.

d)     EMD along with Bid Form shall be deposited in the bank branch office as per detail provided in the auction catalogue/ Sale Notice. the Bid Form and EMD received late for any reason whatsoever will not be entertained.

4)     There will be separate auction for each property.

  .     5.      For a given property , a customer can increase his bid any no. of times.

6.      The bidding will start from Reserve Price specified against each property. The bidder will have to quote a price equal to or higher than the Reserve Price or that source to secure consideration in the concerned e-auction.

7.      Prior to scheduled start time of an auction, the auction catalogue will be available under the link ' Forthcoming Auction'

8.     8.     If any bid is received during the last 8 minutes before scheduled close of auction for any source, its close time will get automatically extended by 8 minutes from the time of last bid in order to give all the bidders equal chance to revise their bid.

9.     9.     Bidding will close for a particular source either at the scheduled close time or till there will be period of 8 minutes in which no bid is recorded for the source, whichever happens later.

10.  Bidder whosoever quotes highest price in the auction shall be allotted the property.  The status of allocated will be available in the auction floor of the buyer. All allocation displayed in the auction floor during the auction are temporary allocation. Once the auction is closed only than final allocation is done to the highest bidder.

11.  The customers will be intimated about the allotment of property through Sale Intimation Letter after the completion of e-auction. A copy of the same will also be available under e-Auction Status on their Home page. However, it will be the responsibility of the bidder to check his status in an auction.

12.  Please register your acceptance of the General Terms and Condition, Special Terms and Condition. General Rules and regulation and Definition of Key Terms online before being allowed by the system to participate in an e-auction.


Customer Assistance:

For any further query or assistance regarding e-Auction contact any of us at the following telephone numbers:

IMP NOTEà  Use Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or above only for Bidding

For E-Auction related Queries

Shri Sanjib Poddar                         |     033-22891401

Shri Vikash Jaiswal                         |     033-2290-0964/ 2287-7557 extn.202

Shri Arun Kumar                              |     033-22891401


For Finance Related Queries

Shri RatiKant Pradhan                  |     033-22895064 033-2290-0964/ 2287-7557extn.203

 Shri B K Nayak                               |     033-22895064 033-2290-0964/ 2287-7557extn.204

Shri Bishnu Barik                           |      033-22895064 033-2290-0964/ 2287-7557extn.206