Manual for Marketing


          It provides instant guidance and confidence to all concerned operating the business function, which enables proper and effective decision making.  It ensures objective and professional function.  It provides procedures for equal opportunity to all in fair and transparent manner.  All endeavours have been made to make the manual error free as far as possible.  Since the activity of the company automatic and changing with time reduction will be necessary with the passage of time. 


          Presently MSTC continues with the principal to back to back purchase for buyers though propose its unlimited endeavour would be to emerge as a Trading House in future. 


          MSTC may purchase materials in its own name on back to back basis.  MSTC may acts as a facilitator for a company or a group of customers required by them.  MSTC may procure for its own trading purpose.  MSTC may act as a Selling Agent/Indian Agent for a Foreign Principal.


          The requirements of bulk customers on regular basis particularly for a cash and carry mode MOA will be entered into such customers detailed requirement/terms etc. 


          Similarly MOA/MOU may also be entered into with a foreign supplier for import.  MSTC may also act as a conversion agent by purchasing, booking manufacturing capacity or by adding such capacity to its existing operations.


          MSTC will also endeavour to export products or raw material or some finished products to build up an export turnover and also to obtain the Export House status.


          Keeping the above objective and role in view MSTC had to diversify into import and domestic procurement for various items as listed below :





    i)        Carbon Steel Melting Scrap (CSMS), Soft Melting Scrap,

     Shredded Scrap, Rerollable Scrap, Stainless Steel Scrap.


ii)                Direct Reduced Pallets, Direct Reduced Iron, Sponge Iron, Hot Briquetted Iron, Iron Ore, Pig Iron and any other Iron based raw materials required for producing Iron and Steel.


iii)              Coal/Coke of various variety


iv)               Non Ferrous Materials


v)                 Petro Products viz., Naphtha, High Speed Diesel, Motor Spirit, Superior Kerosene Oil, Furnace Oil


vi)               Chemicals, Petro-Chemicals and related items


vii)            Primary, Secondary, Upgraded, Rejects etc., various of Steel items like Billets, Iron Rods, ARC, CRC, Scraps modes and other flat and long


viii)          Ferro Alloys


ix)              Intermediate input materials required for making of Steel like Zinc


x)                 Old Ships for breaking


xi)              Edibles


xii)            Coal (as per norms approved by the Board)


xiii)         Any other commodity, which may be decided from time to time with the approval of the Board.


The list being only indicative and is not exhaustive.



          Proposed Mode of Sale


i)                  High sea Sale


ii)                High sea sale against deferred payment


iii)             Ex Dock Sale


iv)              Ex Stockyard Sale


v)                 Facilitator Mode


vi)              Ex Bond Sale


Customer has to pay Earnest Money/Security Deposit/Advance Deposit.


          In case High Sea Sale Customer shall pay to MSTC CIF/C&F value of import, Marine Insurance charges, Load-port Inspection charges, Foreign L/C charges, Bank charges and MSTC’s Service charges before arrival of vessel in Indian waters.


          Material will be released/delivered on receipt of payment secure instrument by way of Demand Draft/Pay Order, negotiation of Inland L/C, PDC, Bank Guarantee for full amount etc.


          Mark up of MSTC generally on C&F/CIF value depending on the likely volume of business, cash margin provided by buyer mode of sale etc.


          In case of demurrage, customer to send payment to MSTC within 10 days of settlement in order to payment to seller by MSTC within 15 days time.


          Sales Tax statutory duties, declaration forms and end-use Certificate are to be paid/arranged by customer.


          From time to time PSUs as well as other companies may float tender enquiries regarding supply of some materials in which MSTC is participating.


          Since MSTC is participating in a tender for competitive evaluation of bids as far as possible.  The credential of the supplier may be verified.  If there is any EMD involved we may pay the same upon obtaining the same from the supplier before hand.  PG Bond should be supplied by the supplier.  MSTC will also obtain written authority from the supplier.


          Settlement of Accounts and Final Settlement (i) between the Buyer and the Foreign Seller, (ii) between MSTC and Foreign Supplier, (iii) between MSTC and Customer are to be settled for each shipment within 30 days of completion of lifting/releasing payment to the Foreign Seller.


       Export by MSTC :


       Efforts are being made to give a thrust on export and make it a regular activity